The Blair family is a Chawosaurian Aristocratic Family resides in the Midwestern United States. Less corrupt than the Montgomery Family, their popularity is weaker than the Montgomery Family.

Family History Edit

The Family History of the Blairs is currently unknown, it is alleged that they're descendants of Irish immigrants. DNA records affirm that they are Scottish and Irish. There are allegations that the Blairs are related to the Taft Family because of Sara and Jane Taft. Even Taft Blair.

Politics Edit

The Blairs are Republicans. The Blairs live in the Midwest, more of a purple region, but between 2016 to 2020, it has become a Republican Region as of these years. The Blairs are divided on Social issues and Environmental issues, they unanimously agree on Fiscal issues, because the Blairs are wealthy, they require tax cuts to benefit themselves over others.

Popularity in Chawosauria Edit

The Blair Family is unpopular in Chawosauria, because they're Republicans, believing they should receive tax cuts while Chawosaurians are having to pay big taxes because Chawosauria is a Socialist state. Their popularity as a family has decreased when U.S. President, Donald Trump signed a tax cut that only benefited the Wealthy and a sample of Americans in the middle class.