In Chawosauria, the term Bismorck is a pejorative term directed at members of the Bismarck family by people who are Bismophobic towards the Bismarcks. The term's origins varied, one example is that the term was partially originated from an American politician, Robert Bork, a person known for his far-right views and his corrupt role in the Watergate Scandal, and the fact that the Bismarcks are seen as "cooked pigs" in other words, pork, by their Jewish enemies, thus creating the name Bismorck.  

Etymology and History Edit

The term "Bismorck" originates currently in the 7th century CE, but it became widespread and was popularized by the Bismarcks' Jewish enemies as a result of the Bismarcks' medieval antisemitism in the 11th century CE. The term Bismorck became the meaning of "cooked pigs" (pork) because Jews often called Bismarcks and imagined them as "pigs" and expressed desire to burn them at the stake, making pork out of them, making the word "Bismork" as it was previously spelled. Nine centuries later, because of the Bismarcks' right-wing sentiment, the term "Bismorck" was re-spelled and Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII was the first of the Bismarck family since the Renaissance to have been called a "Bismorck" by Samantha Wellington, since the Bismarck-Wellington feud, the term became widespread on the 1960s.

Usage Edit

The term "Bismorck" is used by Chawosaurians who are hostile to the Bismarck family. Bismarcks often take offense to the term. It is also used by the Bismarcks' in laws and relatives who do not possess the Bismarck surname. Based on blood, family members who don't hold the Bismarck surname, but have Bismarck blood are often dubbed as "Bismorcks" and the Bismarck family would do nothing to defend them. For having a Bismarck mother, Michael Webster (b. 1990), Wanda Webster (b. 1995), Gloriana Webster (b. 1996), Brandon Webster (b. 2000), and Edward Webster (b. 2005), were all bullied with the name "Bismorck", despite they possess the surname of the Webster family. In Chawosaurian popular culture, the term "Bismorck' regularly appears in movies and TV shows, some to insult the Bismarck family, criticize the Bismarck family, for just for popular entertainment.

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