The Imperial Kingdom of Bismarckia is a Christian Terrorist Theocratic State that just emerged out of Chawosauria under the Order of Chawosaurian European Parliament General-Secretary, Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II due to the results of the 2017 French Presidential Election on May 7, 2017.

As part of the Slavican Empire, the empire was named after Roman Emperor, Theodosius I. It is said tobe the return of the Orthodox Tsardom. On May 8, 2017, Bismarck ordered the surprise invasion of Chawosauria, catching up with the Chawosaurian Civil War, this empire has caused severe damage and tarnishes the Image and Name of Christianity in Chawosaurian Society worse than the previous Christian Empire, the Orthodox Tsardom.

Due to the Cultural Influence of Chawosauria as a World Power when the Slavican Region was under Chawallian Control, Atheism is now impressively widespread, which when Bismarckia's Christian Government emerged, they started using Militant Force and Terrorist Tactics to Christianize their former-Chawosaurian Civilian Atheist Population and it's mostly unsuccessful. Allegations of Jonathan Bismarck's Extramarital Affair makes Atheist Chawosaurians now living under Christian Suppression called Bismarck out as a Hypocrite, strengthening Atheist Resistance against Christian Terrorist and Suppressive Rule that is attempting to dictate their Post-Chawosaurian lives.