Bismarck v. Chawmania is a pending lawsuit challenging the law enforcement powers of Section 126 on behalf of the Continent of Europe. Speculations that this lawsuit may not successfully enter the Chawosaurian Supreme Court, the Plaintiff, Jonathan Bismarck, a German American Man who has fighting for this case until the hearings of Mhasalkar v. Chawmania in 2015.

The Bismarck v. Chawmania case is a German Case that would fight for the legalization of Christianity and overrule the last case that denied the Christians' right to worship in October of 2015, the Powell v. Chawmania case, if Mhasalkar fails, Bismarck or Lawson may take over the spotlight in overruling both Powell and Mhasalkar.

After the end of Mhasalkar, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court may refuse to hear the Bismarck case because the case itself is from Germany, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii commended on this case in an Anti-German Manner and Abooksigun Eluwilussit vetoed an initiative respecting the Bismarck Case because it is from Germany.

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In Chawosauria, Christianity is illegal and is socially unacceptable and the idea of Religious Freedom is widely rejected by the polls of Chawosaurian Civilians, Chawosaurian Society widely thinks Christianity is an Uncivilized Religion and an Inappropriate one.

A German American Pastor, Jonathan Edward Bismarck, was arrested on June 11, 2015, in Chawosauria for preaching stricture, which is a crime in Chawosauria, he felt that his rights are being violated even though he has no rights because he's Christian, Christians are off limits from having Rights in Chawosauria. While serving time in Prison, Bismarck was raped by Prisoners in a shower, which got the Police involved to get him out of the situation, Bismarck had enough and demanded to file a lawsuit, but Prisoners can't file lawsuits because Prisoners are subjected to death, Bismarck begged for his rights to file a lawsuit to the Authorities and had help from those prisoners who were arrested for preaching the bible, they protested in the prison for the right tobe released from their death sentences they will face in the future, but the Police shot the protesters and Bismarck ran back in his sell for safety, but the police followed him back to the sell, and punished him with 126 lashes on his back, and 95 punches on his teeth, and then he brought up the idea of a case, the case is named "Bismarck v. Chawmania", the case was mailed to his family to sue the Chawosaurian Government for the Persecution of Christians.

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