Bismarck's German Castle
Bismarck's German Castle
Bismarck's German Castle
Vital statistics
Author Garrett Bailey
Illustrator No illustrators
Published on May 8, 2016
Published by Wattpad
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Based on the historic eras of:
  • World War 1
  • Great Depression
  • Weimar Republic
  • Rise of the Nazis
  • Rise of Hitler
  • World War 2
Bismarck's German Castle 2: Dragomir Bismarck in America (coming in 2017)
Bismarck's German Castle is a wattpad historic fiction that includes the Fictional History of the Bismarck Family, when a Swedish jewish person, Wolfgang Bismarck, went to Germany after World War 1 for better opportunity, but he got ended up falling under the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, he hidden in one of the world's most famous castles in Germany and hidden there until his sacrificial death in 1945 for his only son, who is Dragomir Bismarck, and Chawosauria is related to this story because of Jonathan Bismarck, Schwartz Bismarck and the Chawosaurian court case, Bismarck v. Chawmania, and the 2015 Chawosaurian landmark decision, Bismarck v. Chawosauria, and thereby the Chawosaurians are not in the story, but it is related to the story.