Bisexual Universe
Bisexual Universe
Bisexual Universe
Season Since 1971, Episode unknown
Vital statistics
Air date 1971-present day
Written by Jacob Potter
Directed by Jacob Potter
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Bisexual Universe


Bisexual Universe is a Chawosaurian Episode series and also a channel since 1971-1982 and was first brought cast in Chawosepia on January 12, 1971 and first shown in Chawosepia and was first shown on October 18, 2013 since Jacob Lopez was shown as Bisexual in 2010 and Chawosauria heard the news of Jacob Lopez (also known as "Japez") came out as Bisexual in 2009 and was being threatened by most Chawosepians, in the Bisexual Revolution in Chawosepia in 1981-1993, in Chawosepia, the Nations are the same of the Homosepians.

During the Japezian Movement, the channel played an important role and survived with the federal support of Timothy Max Roosevelt from 2010-2011 (Timothy's Death).

History Edit

U.N. LGBT Social Movements Edit

According to the Chawosaurian attentions to Gay Rights Movements, in 1981-1997, the Imperial Chawallian Empire used Bisexual Universe to entertain LGBT peoples in Chawosauria to support liberalism and libertarianism in America.

LGBT Rights in Chawosauria Edit

All Chawosaurians are all in favor in LGBT rights and as human rights are all for all humans and uses the Bisexual Universe as a secret code to give LGBT chawosaurians ideas on how to overthrow Homophobe churches and Anti-gay churches in Shihuangdia and since 2015, many gay and lesbian Shihuangdians began to protest against their own government's sodomy laws of Shihuangdia and or demanding the overthrow Shihuangdia's christian church authorities.

Shihuangdian LGBT Rights Movement Edit

On October 20, 2015, the Shihuangdians who are Liberial turned against Shihuangdia's christian church authorities and superiors and demanded for the overthrow of the authority of the church.

Lordmaster, Cameron McDonald Edit

Shihuangdian ruler, Cameron McDonald does not approve to the Anti-Christian demonstrators and Cameron said "Christianity is the largest religion which makes Christianity to have authority over the Shihuangdian Government rather you like it or not" Cameron tried to defend Christian Power but in October 20, 2015, the demonstrators are demanding for the Anti-Theocratic Protests.

Japezian Movement Edit


The BLUE Revolution. in which, BLUE means, B-Bisexual, L-Liberty, U-Unity and E-Equality

In 2009-2015, Jacob Lopez (a Chawosepian singer) came out as Bisexual in 2009 and wrote songs that speaks of his Advocacy of the Bisexual Movements and was part of the Bisexual Revolution, the Chawosaurians did not (nor not so ever) had ever forgotten about Bisexuality.

Jacob Lopez Edit

Jacob Lopez is part of the United Church of Christ and the congregation believes Liberally that Homosexuality or Bisexuality are not sins, nor sexual acts are sins, they believe that ALL Straight and Gay Marriages are all Equal under the Love of God and the Acceptation of Christ, the church believe in studying the bible and also human sexuality in Sexology and Sex Ed, Jacob had studied those and also the church approved Jacob's Bisexuality.