Benjamin Douglas Washington (commonly known as Thomas Washington) (January 12, 1883-October 18, 2012) was the Progressive Monarch of the Slavican Crimson Empire.

As Crimson Monarch, he gave out Progressive Policies and workout policies, he ruled for almost a month, his Progressive Policies have not been finished and was widely speculated to rule for a very long time and would empower the Crimson Empire, but the Crimson Kingdom was never empowered, instead by January 2013, the empire collapsed in disaster due to Monarchical Disastrous Circumstances.

Benjamin Douglas Washington was born on January 12, 1883, in Blakery, Georgia. His grandparents were Wealthy Slave Owners, his great uncle was a Confederate Soldier who died on battle in the American Civil War. In 1917 he fought World War 1 and in the 1930s he voted for FDR and fought World War 2. A Democrat who served in the ideas of FDR.

Early Life Edit

Benjamin Douglas Washington was born on the winter of January 12, 1883, in Blakery, Georgia. Born to Democratic Parents who were White Supremacists, but Washington's Democratic Values was more Progressive thanks to William Jennings Bryan in 1896.

Crimson Monarchy Edit

Thomas Washington ran a short monarchy, he was mostly decisive and has nearly done nothing due to his short monarchy.

Death Edit

Died on October 18, 2012, his current successor was Moses Sino Thomas.

Legacy Edit

He is entirely forgotten, Chawosauria, Slavicanity, and other Universes has never contributed to his legacy, and eventhough the Crimson Kingdom did mourned his death, he was forgotten among Former Crimson Kingdom Citizens, who are now Citizens of Western Chawosauria, being occupied by Eastern Chawosauria's Confederate Allies.

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