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Austerlitz Rufus MacKenzie was a Chawosaurian who was a World War 2 Veteran from Austria who fought for Germany, captured in war, released back to Austria, also, as a Fictional Character, his role is positioned to the father of Jonathan MacKenzie.

Austerlitz who was born in Austria, he is of Scottish heritage born in Austria, got struck down by the great depression, enlisted into the Third Reich Army in 1938 when Nazi Germany overtook Austria, fought World War 2, was captured by the allies in 1945, returned to Austria as prisoner in 1946, moved to the United States in the 1960s, began a business, Austerlitz's Pies, also when moving to the United States, he was seen with a child, Jonathan MacKenzie was born in 1949, today he's a grandfather of only one grandson.

Early Life Edit

Austerlitz was born on January 20, 1920 in Vienna, Austria, growing up with a drunk father, and he was struck by the Great Depression, his mother was deeply religious of the Roman Catholic Church, while his father was an alcoholic who comes home with nothing but beer, and a bad anger temper.

Austerlitz was beaten by his father several times, and has been the most depressed, when Austria was overtaken by Germany in 1938, Austerlitz was forced to join the Nazi Army against his will by his father to fight for Hitler.

World War 2 Edit

Austerlitz was forced to fight for Nazi Germany, as Poland was invaded, Austerlitz didn't like killing innocent people, but the Nazis had their own way, as the Germans held grip in most of Europe, the Germans were getting close to victory until a defeat at Stalingrad, which led to many defeats which would lead Hitler to a huge dead-end defeat in 1945.

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