89th Chawosaurian Monarch and 9th Modern MonarchMalina Lusa Parker on February 21, 2017, was Assassinated in New York City at a dinner party. This was the first time in Chawosaurian History a Modern Chawosaurian Monarch was Assassinated and the first Assassination since Johnathan Maximilian and his Wife in 1850.

The suspects are the CNDK, a new nationalist terrorist group. The CNDK had committed their first terrorist attack as response to the Religious Freedom Amendment.

Background Edit

Malina Parker was pushing for a Constitutional Amendment to provide religious freedom and her power was suspended by the government as response of for the amendment.

But on February 21, 2017, a new terrorist group, the Chawosaurian Nationalist Disciples and Knights, have targeted Malina and killed her by grenade attacking her. The Chawosaurians have started protesting over the assassination in two sides of divide, one side, mourning, other side, praise.

Protests Edit

Large Protests beginning by February and March over the assassination.

Chawosaurian Nationalist Knights Edit

The CNDK had assassinated Malina Parker over her proposal for the Religious Freedom Amendment, and Human Rights for Religious Chawosaurians, this angered so many Chawosaurians and then formed a terrorist group that was already being planned before the Malina Monarchy and took action.

Political Conditions in the Assassination Aftermath Edit

The Malina Assassination caused problematic conditions for the Chawosaurian Government over the role of the Monarchy, Oconostota Eluwilussit temporally reigned Chawosauria from February 21 to 24 until the swearing in of DKA. and affected the 2017 Chawosaurian Federal Election.