On March 5, 1993, an Anarchist, Valerian Boleslaw, committed an Assassination attempt that threatened Emperor, Timothy Max Roosevelt's life. 

Valerian was driving a van of explosive grenades into Timothy's vacation geneva compound to do a suicide attack on Timothy, Valerian managed to enter the gates, but the grenades blew up the back of the van before the van reached Timothy, Valerian survived the Van wreck but was arrested by Timothy's secret service. 

Context Edit

As Timothy, as dictator continues to reign Chawosauria with fear and intimidation, an Anarchist, Valerian Boleslaw, member of the Boleslaw Family, decided to assassinate Timothy to put an end to his terror and bring peace to Chawosauria's civilians, and to become a national hero oneday. As Boleslaw prepares for the attack, he loads up a van of grenades from Afghanistan and drove them to Switzerland, from Iran to Germany, trailing the dictator.

Timothy finally arrived in Switzerland, preparing to vacation there, with his wife, Elizabeth. Between January to March, after moving from Iran to Germany, Boleslaw arrived in Geneva, to Timothy's vacation compound, waited for Timothy and Elizabeth to settle. On the morning of March 5th, 1993, Timothy and Elizabeth were still sleeping, Boleslaw started his van, and then drove through the gates, Timothy, and Elizabeth, still asleep, unaware of the assassination attempt, Boleslaw drove to the courtyard to drive through the door to blow up the mansion, only to trigger the mansion courtyard's bomb alarm and the van explodes before entering the mansion. Timothy and Elizabeth awaken, Timothy was informed that there was an attack on the vacation mansion. Boleslaw survived the explosion, but not the persecution. Timothy came outside and offered to look at Boleslaw in the face, once Timothy did so, Boleslaw looked at Timothy back in fear, knowing that Timothy, a bloodthirsty psychopathic dictator who is mentally unstable, is a merciless individual who was not so forgiving.