In the Science Fiction of Chawosauria and Aquaorbis, Aquaorbians are an Extraterrestrial Group of Organisms that live on the Super-Earth Exoplanet of Aquaorbis. Their physical appearances vary by species but they are similar to the Mythical Creatures of Sea Legends from History.

This is a mixture of Fantasy and Science Fiction. They're Indigenous to Aquaorbis and they practice their Indigenous ways of life, as Chawosaurians plans to make contact with the Aquaorbians as they set to colonize their planet, it is likely that the Chawosaurians will occupy the Indigenous People of Aquaorbis and probably culturally assimilate them into Chawosaurianism or they will glass their planet, drag them into extinction and built their Civilization on the planet after destroying the Aquaorbian People's Indigenous Civilizations.

As more information was found by the Chawosaurians in January to February of 2018, they are ruled by several types of Chiefs, and an Empire actually exists on the planet, the Soribians, ruled by Emperor, Soribis.