In the Bismarck Family, the Appalachian Bismarcks (also called the Appalachian Mountain Bismarcks) is a subdivision of the Southern Bismarcks that live in the Appalachian Mountains. The most notable Appalachian Bismarck is Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck XXVIII

The Appalachian Bismarcks fought in the American Civil War on the Confederate side, and after the Civil War, they participated in the Democratic Party during and after reconstruction. They were best known to support President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression and they benefited so well in the New Deal, they worked and still work today at FDR's Tennessee Valley Authority and participated in the New Deal Coalition from 1932 to 1968, in 1968, half of them defected from the Democratic Party because of the Progressive Democrats' decisive role in pushing for the passages of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Appalachian Bismarcks entirely defected from the Democratic Party in the 1980 U.S. Presidential Election and joined the Reagan Coalition. Today many of them are part of the Republican Party, but as their racism soften, in 2016, the middle-aged Appalachian Bismarcks split on the issue of Donald Trump, between loyal Republicans and Conservative Democrats, the millennial generation of the Appalachian Bismarcks are Progressive Democrats