Assimilation and Deportation Act
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Assimilation and Deportation Act
Vital statistics
Start January 12, 2016

(signed into law)

End present
Prerequisites Unknown
Level A Document that assimilates the Christians into Atheism and those who resist assimilation, will be deported to Antarctica
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
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Assimilation and Deportation Christianity
The Apostate or Get Out Act, or the Assimilation and Deportation of Christians Act is a law that states that Christians who want to join Chawosaurian Citizenship, will have to leave and abandon their faith, those who choose not to, are arrested or get deported to Antarctica, where the most unwanted minorities go, even where criminals go to, the law was passed by the leader, Samantha Wawetseka, a pastor wanted to become a citizen and worship and preach the gospels, but he must obey the law only, he had no choice.

The Assimilation and Deportation of Christians is part of the process of the Chawmanian Administration and as related to the Don't Give Don't Get Act, a law that denies Christian Civil Rights, and the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy, it is based on the United States Policy, Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy, which was a military policy that prohibited Homosexuals and Bisexuals to serve openly in the United States Military and the policy lasted from 1993 until it's repeal under the hands of President, Obama in 2010.

Chawosauria passed their own version of Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that prohibits Christians from serving in the military and became a federal policy.