"Judaism should not be accepted by this family ever, intermarriage with Jews should not be accepted in this family or by this family, and those family members who converted to Judaism shall be beaten, disowned, removed from the family tree, and lose financial connection from this family. The Bismarck family is a German only and Christian only family and we're gonna keep it that way."
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII

In the Bismarck family, Antisemitism is pretty widespread because of the family's interpretation of the Holy Bible as Christians, the Bismarck family interpreted Matthew 27:24-25 of alleging the Jews were the ones who killed Jesus, resulting in the Bismarck family believing other Antisemitic tropes.

Many of the Bismarck family oppose the existence of Israel and compared Israel to Nazi Germany based on how the Israelis treat the Palestinians. The family is divided on the Holocaust between Holocaust deniers and Holocaust believers. The Bismarck holocaust believers incite the irony about what they consider to be the "Palestinian Holocaust" while the Holocaust deniers in the family accuse the Jews of "making that up to steal the land of Arabs because 'Jews are thieves' and that they're warmongers".

The Bismarck family believes Jews are in charge of the lobbist and corporatist establishment and trying to "crush the middle class" and the Bismarcks also accused Israel of interfering in America's elections.