Albus Bismarch (390-465) was a sorcerer believed to be a demigod. Albus Bismarch was the founder of the Bismarck Family. Albus' father was unknown, his mother was Godiva. Albus Bismarch believed he was the son of Hermodr, a Norse god.

Albus was born in the Roman Empire, in the winter of early 390, in Mainz, which was then a Roman village, now a city in Germany. Albus was known in family legends for slaying a Basilisk, and a dragon in his youth before 410 CE.

The political landscape of the Western Roman Empire was crumbling, Bismarch grew a growing resentment towards Emperor Honorius and supported the Visigoths led by King Alaric I at the time. The Visigoths won a decisive victory in the 410 Sack of Rome,