Agasga Ahyoka (b. January 30, 1930) is the mother of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, Adsila Ahyoka, Unega Ahyoka, Sequoia Reagan, Awinita Ahyoka, and Galegenoh Atagulkalu. Widow of Sequoyah Atagulkalu.

Early Life Edit

Agasga was born during the Great Depression on January 30, 1930, in Mcintosh County, Oklahoma. It is possible that she was born in Checotah. Agasga lived a harsh life during the Great Depression. In 1946, she met Sequoyah Atagulkalu and had six children in 17 years between 1947 with Unega Ahyoka to 1964 with Sequoia Reagan.

Relationship with DKA Edit

The relationship between DKA and his mother, Agasga, was that they were very close, DKA was faced with strict discipline and the spankings she gave DKA was harsh, she whipped DKA on his back when DKA did wrongdoing. Agasga was also encouraging to DKA, when DKA had a rude comment, Agasga smacked him in his face. DKA was pushed by his mother to succeed in everything possible in his future. In 1968, when DKA graduated high school, Agasga told DKA "Your graduation is a pass to your future boy! Now you go make me proud!" DKA had distanced himself from his mother during his time at Texas State University. In 1970, when DKA was still at college, his wife had a baby, DKA never told his mother.