In the Posthuman Universe, the Adarian Empire (also referred to as the Adarian Monarchy) is a Christian theocratic empire reigned by the Adarian dynasty, a dynasty named after Adare manor in Ireland. Like the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Empire, the Adarian Empire is a global superpower and they run their nations in a theocratic direction, The capital city is Adare, Ireland. The purpose for the existence of the Adarian Empire is to spread Christianity all over the Posthuman World, and they done so by sometimes invading posthuman countries and perform "immoral cleansing", in other words, force the people the Adarians conquered to convert to Christianity.

The Adarian Empire has received substantial criticism for their legal persecution of non-Christians (including Jews), Irreligious people (Atheists and Agnostics, etc), and Homosexuals and Bisexuals in the empire. The empire heavily restricts women's rights, banning abortion and birth control, and bans Premarital Sex, Pornography, heavily restricts Individual Rights and Liberty, the Right to Privacy, and performing and passing laws based on the Empire's interpretation of the bible. Chawosauria is the notable victim of the Adarian Empire's Christianization attempt.

History Edit

The Adarian Empire began in the First Brutal War, the Adarians rose to greater power.

Birth of the Adarian Dynasty Edit

The Adarian Dynasty began at Adare Manor,