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2019 Chawosaurian direct election
October 4, 2019
Electoral Profile of Shang Jong Parker Electoral Profile of Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a
Nominee Shang Jong Parker Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a
Party Communist Party SDGPA
Home state China USA
2019 Direct Election
Results of the 2019 direct election
The 2019 Chawosaurian direct election is an incoming major direct election that will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019, to elect the Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria.

The most focused battleground states are the Post-Soviet States. The Popular Democratic People's National Party (formerly the Chawosaurian Democratic Party) was the winning party of the 2017 elections. In the Chawosaurian Special Election of 2017, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won the monarchy by a narrow margin over Timothy Max Roosevelt II, and in the Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 2017, for the first time in 71-years since the Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1939, the Capitalists under the DKA Coalition won a majority in the Chawopolis Palace, defeating the 71-year Communist Party majority.

As the Capitalists began governing in 2018, the Arsenals of Socialism was brought into action and things were going smooth for the Capitalists until the tragedy of the Poseidon blowout and oil-spill took place, which DKA and his Capitalist government said they'd look into, but their handling of the investigation drew substantial criticism and corruption, even among Capitalist politicians began to get exposed. In the 2018 elections in Chawosauria, the Communist Party got a significant comeback, DKA's approval ratings plummeted, and the 2019 elections were approaching. In March 2019, DKA passed away and he was replaced by Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a.

The Chawopolis Palace controversially passed the Nobility Act of 2019, which establishes a feudal system in Chawosauria, and it drew heavy criticism against the Capitalists. The bill was introduced by Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XX and the Social Democratic-Green Party Alliance felt alienated by it. They held a primary to replace Bismarck with Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a, without knowing he was the one who signed the Nobility Act into law. Kalawai'a won the primary and the SDGPA began to fall in the polls and the Communist Party's advantage grows. On June 21, 2019, the Social Democratic-Green Party Alliance effectively left the DKA Coalition, sinking Chawosauria into its first minority government in almost a century.

Charles Muskie was seen as the Dark Horse who was gonna be the Chawosaurian embodiment of Donald Trump, and the possibility of him forging the same election upset like the one in the United States in 2016 loomed, but unfortunately, the conservative-leaning Popular Democratic People's National Party had a convention the same time in the same city where the 2019 Chawopolis Jewish Uprising erupted, the Jewish demonstrators were protesting systemic antisemitism against them, and they were confronted by the city police, fire department, and the military, and a city-wide riot steemed during the 2019 Popular Democratic People's National Party National Convention, the Jewish protesters defeated the city police, and one Jewish protester managed to get into the convention to protest institutional antisemitism and political underrepresentation against the Jews, but the Jewish protester who pulled by the party convention attendees, and was savagely beaten. Severely injured, the protester was removed violently by the police, and was thrown outside, all of it, from the beatings, to the violent removal, were recorded on camera and broadcasted worldwide. Afterwards, the Popular Democratic convention, including Charles Muskie, dehumanized the Jews, the protester, and the rioters, causing Charles Muskie to lose his ground in early voting. On July 21, 2019, early voting was completed, and unexpectedly, more Chawosaurians voted as a result of widespread voter empathy. Shang Jong Parker takes a big lead in the early voting results. On July 22, 2019, the first round early voting became classified as a runoff, and the race was narrowed to two candidates.

In the final months of the campaign, the partisan and ideological tensions within the Capitalists' legislative majority in the Chawopolis Palace, Incumbent Supreme Leader Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a's low-energy campaign and weak incumbency advantage, and the Capitalist-leaning western world's diplomatic interaction with Israel (especially the US-Israel relations) undermined the Capitalists' 2019 campaign, the Capitalists' ability to support the United States was frequently undermined by the Presidency of Donald Trump's constant damage to 's global standing and repeated tarnish to the political establishment of the United States, and the Capitalists' campaign was also undermined by the United States' losing end in the China-U.S. trade war and the worsening economic inequality that is also going on in the U.S. frequently contradicts the Capitalists' praise for the U.S. economy as their justification of Capitalism back in the previous election in 2017.

Also during the final months of the campaign, Antisemitism began to have an influence on the outcome of this election, Shang Parker used the old classic Chawosaurian term "Jew York" to insult New York for having a large Jewish American population, but also linked Jewish Americans from New York to Wall Street and the Great Recession. The incumbent running for reelection, Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a, was accused of serving Jewish and Zionist interests at the expense of the working class of Chawosauria, and Allegations of Israeli, Zionist, and Jewish control of the 24th Chawopolis Palace spread electorate-wide, one major antisemitic event is the Assassination of Jonathan S. Boleslaus VII, where Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus VII was assassinated in a Chawosaurian bar by an apolitical antisemitic terrorist while Boleslaus was campaigning for Ekewaka Kalawai'a for reelected.

Since August 13, 2019, Shang Parker's campaign was threatened by the Hong Kong situation, China's ill-response to the Hong Kong protests over an anti-extradition bill. Shang Parker's campaign was worried that China's ill-response to the Hong Kong protests would cost them the election. While warnings maybe circulating around Parker's campaign, Parker continued to lead in the polls.

The 2019 Wildfires in the South American Amazon, the 2019 Hurricanes in the Atlantic and Typhoons in the Pacific made Chawosaurians increasingly exhausted with the effects of global climate change, and Emperor Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a attempted to ask his Capitalist-controlled Chawopolis Palace for Climate Action, but the Capitalists' ideological divide between right-wing climate-change deniers and left-wing environmentalists caused lack of climate action, this made the Chawosaurian people angry with the Chawopolis Palace. Not to mention the Great Blackout is still going on and the Capitalists failed or didn't even bother to pass any green power plan, the Sustainability Development and Environmental Protection Act was filibustered by the conservatives in the Capitalist supermajority in the Palace before DKA died. Shang Jong Parker and his Communist Party began to take advantage of the Capitalists' missed opportunities on renewable energy and the 2019 climate events by proposing a Green New Deal for the Empire of Chawosauria.

Incumbent Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu

Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a

Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a

In-Office Since: February 24. 2017 In-Office Since: March 3, 2019
Died-In-Office: March 3, 2019

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu was the unpopular incumbent who took office on February 24, 2017, DKA's unpopularity posed a deep threat to Anti-Communists going into this election. DKA's death on March 3, 2019 was a big relief for the Capitalists, but consider relief dashed by the low-energy successor, Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a.

Political Parties and Candidates Edit

General Election candidates Edit

Communist Ticket Edit

Shang Jong Parker
Communist Party
Shang Jong Parker

Shang Jong Parker

Former Prime Minister of Chawosauria

(1990 - 1999)

Running for the monarchy✔


Capitalist Ticket Edit

Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a
Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a

Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a

Incumbent Supreme Leader of Chawosauria

Since March 3, 2019

Running for reelection


Runoff candidates Edit

Candidates and Parties
Coalition Nominated Convention
Candidate Party Alliance
Charles Muskie Popular Democratic People's National Party Big Tent Coalition June 30, 2019 July 4, 2019
Timothy Max Roosevelt II Chawosaurian Communist Party Independent March 31, 2018 March 23-31, 2018
Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party Social Democratic-Green Party Alliance June 4, 2019 July 1, 2019
Grassroots Democratic People's Green Party of Chawosauria
Shang J. Parker Chawosaurian Socialist Party Independent August 4, 2018 August 4, 2018
Candidate Party Alliance Nominated Convention

Electoral System Edit

Voter Eligibility Edit

Chawosaurian Voting Ballot

A Chawosaurian ballot for the 2019 elections.

A Chawosaurian Comrade (Citizen) must be over 16-years of age, cannot be part of a minority group community, cannot be a Roman Catholic, cannot be Jewish, cannot be other Christian, or any religious affiliation not related to Atheism. Chawosaurians must speak Latin in order to vote, Chawosaurians must be male to vote, Chawosaurians must be Heterosexual and Cisgender to vote (LGBTQIA Human Rights Act does not protect Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender voting rights). Chawosaurians cannot be immigrants (legal or illegal) to vote. Minority Groups are not protected by the Civil Rights Act of 2017 from discrimination by the Chawosaurian Electoral System.

Political Party System Edit

Chawosauria is a mandatory multi-party state. Chawosauria also allows Independents to run for office as well. Despite Chawosauria's Anti-Gay Rules against Gays voting, Chawosauria allows Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgenders running for office, many of them often get elected depending on their political views.

Opinion Polls Edit

This is the first election in the History of Chawosaurian Politics where opinion polls are being practiced.

2018-2019 Generic Opinion Polls for the 2019 Chawosaurian Federal Election
Date Shang Jong Parker Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a
Communist Party SDGPA
August 2019 58% 41%
Date Timothy Max Roosevelt II Charles Muskie Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a Shang Jong Parker
Communist Party Democratic Party SDGPA Socialist Party
July 2019 41% 1% 22% 36%
June 2019 53% 1% 47% N/A
Emperor Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a is elected the nominee of the SDGPA
May 2019 52% 1% 48% N/A
The Capitalist-controlled 2018-2019 Government passed the Nobility Act of 2019
April 2019 53% 2% 45% N/A
March 2019 53% 4% 43% N/A
Supreme Leader Degotoga K. Atagulkalu died on March 3, 2019, in St. Moritz, Switzerland
February 2019 53% 6% 41% N/A
January 2019 51% 8% 41% N/A
Election Season begins
December 2018 53% 15% 32% N/A
November 2018 56% 15% 29% N/A
The United States held a midterm election on November 6, 2018
October 2018 56% 18% 26% N/A
September 2018 57% 31% 12% N/A
August 2018 60% 37% 3% N/A
July 2018 90% 5% 5% N/A
June 2018 96% 1% 3% N/A
May 2018 90% 1% 9% N/A
April 2018 98% 1% 1% N/A
March 2018 96% 2% 2% N/A
February 2018 95% 3% 1% N/A
The Poseidon Blowout and Oil-spill Scandal reaches headlines in the Chawosaurian Media
January 2018 36% 35% 35% N/A
Date Communists Democrats Social Democrats Socialists

All the polls of Chawosauria's 2019 national election shows the Communist Party is likely to gain the Chawosaurian Monarchy from Capitalist control that has been existing since 2016.

General Election Campaign Edit

Issues Edit

Technological Unemployment Edit


A poster of robots taking over the jobs of human workers.

By January 2019, technological unemployment replaced the Great Patriotic War as the most important issue concerning voters in Chawosauria. On March 31, 2018, the people of Chawosauria voted on a nationwide ballot initiative that would ban people under 21-years-old from purchasing smartphones and iPhones because of school frustration of how effective it has on students' grades and ability to learn, but voters in an 80.5% to 19.5% majority voted in favor of the initiative for various reasons based on Anti-Technology Sentiment, and students being concerned about their phones over their grades surprisingly played a minor role in the initiative's successful implementation. Chawosauria's Blue Collar working class voted in support of the initiative out of anger of technological unemployment, technological unemployment is a situation where a person loses his or her job due to the technological changes of the work environment, for example, a person who works in the automotive industry (making of cars, trucks, vans, etc) loses his or her job because of new machines that could make the vehicles without the need for human laborers, and the best part of the automotive industry, it saves them money because the CEOs don't have to worry about paying robot laborers.

This is a major concern for Chawosauria's blue-collar workers, and the Chawosaurian Communist Party began to reconstruct their image as "the party of workers" for adopting a platform opposing robotic takeover of jobs. The capitalist parties, the Chawosaurian Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party, and the Grassroots Democratic People's Green Party of Chawosauria have ignored the issue of technological unemployment.

Great Blackout Edit

see: Great Blackout

Chawosauria has got struck by the Great Blackout, a nationwide outage caused by the exhaustion of non-renewable resources. Chawosaurians have no power and have criticized DKA for focusing on the Civil War over the Great Blackout.

Poseidon Scandal Edit

see: Poseidon Blowout and Oil-spill Scandal

The Poseidon Scandal is a very damaging scandal to Capitalism and the Politicians who support it, although the Chawosaurian Government did take action against the company that is responsible, the public image of the government declined because the government was being ruled by pro-capitalist parties.

Arsenals of Socialism Edit

see: Arsenals of Socialism

DKA's Arsenals of Socialism is very popular and is often viewed favorably by voters.

Legality of Christianity Edit

Christianity is a major serious taboo in Chawosauria and is even a crime. Christianity is constantly meant with confrontation and condemnation from society. There are no political parties or politicians who have open positive views on Christianity, some have hatreds for Christianity and Christians as well, others are silent and refuse to address the hardships and discrimination that Chawosaurian Christians face on a day-by-day basis.

Universal Healthcare, Social Care, and Welfare Edit

The Degotoga K. Atagulkalu administration, through the Arsenals of Socialism. The Universal Healthcare Amendment is unexpectedly a successful program, among the parties, DKA's Democratic Party opposes it because of massive government intervention and spending, as the party is shifting right, which threatened those Chawosaurians who are living under this plan, while those who are not living under this plan, were furious with the Capitalists' desire to repeal it. Voters deeply fear that the Capitalists' healthcare plans would be similar to Trumpcare. or Obamacare.

Legality of Incest and Inbreeding Edit

Chawosaurians don't really care about Inbreeding or Incest, but the debate on rather or not it should be legal or not continues. In January 2018, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court legalized Incest, although the penalty for incest was wiped out in the 1960s. No political party has a position on incest.

Events and Issues that endangered campaigns Edit

Events that threatened Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a's campaign Edit

The United States vs the Western World Edit
The story of American poverty, as told by one Alabama county

The story of American poverty, as told by one Alabama county

U.N. declared the U.S. State of Alabama as the worst state with the worst poverty rate.

One problem the Capitalists have was their praise for the U.S. Economy as their justification for Capitalism back in the previous election in 2017 when in reality, income inequality was worse in the U.S. worse than any nation in the Western World.

Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a has recently been careful not to address the United States and their economic and political state going into his reelection. Despite the fact the U.S. has a good economy, but income inequality has worsened by the Republicans' Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Political State of the United States Edit
'Trump Pukes Over Tax Returns & Biden News' Ep

'Trump Pukes Over Tax Returns & Biden News' Ep. 1 Cold Open Our Cartoon President Season 2

An animated clip of an episode from Our Cartoon President, a popular animated political satire sitcom.

The United States has a political problem with Donald Trump in office, repeatedly embarrasses and damns the United States both globally and historically issue after issue, even the American people viewed this as embarrassing to have a President like Trump, this resulted in heavy Republican losses in the 2018 elections, and Trump struggling with approval ratings that unlikely have any chance bolstering up through 50% as well as the unpopularity line, which it's always over 50%.

Two Years After Charlottesville, Donald Trump Stokes Divisions With Rhetoric - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two Years After Charlottesville, Donald Trump Stokes Divisions With Rhetoric - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

MSNBC doing a segment of on Trump's racial and cultural rhetoric plans for the 2020 elections.

Trump, even in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting, threatened to use the strategies of racial and cultural divides as a way to get reelected in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, however, the Republican Party has a history of performing this kind of strategy (view the Southern Strategy), and the Empire of Chawosauria condemns the Trump presidency.

America's democratic system is collapsing, their election system is vulnerable of state-operated voter fraud, and foreign interference.

Capitalists in Chawosauria struggle to support the United States than they did in 2017, and Kalawai'a is careful to distance himself from the U.S. for their embarrassing President and worsening conditions.

Events that threatened Shang Jong Parker's campaign Edit

2019 Hong Kong Protests Edit
Increasingly violent protests erupt in Hong Kong - ABC News

Increasingly violent protests erupt in Hong Kong - ABC News

Violent protests on the streets of Hong Kong

There is one thing threatening the Shang Parker 2019 campaign is the situation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong proposed an Anti-Extradition Bill, and it outraged the people of Hong Kong to the point protests have erupted, the Chawosaurian media did not take this seriously at until things began to heat up.

In August of 2019, the protests began to threat Shang Parker's campaign, while still likely to win, it could undermine his campaign from winning a landslide. The Capitalists hoped the protests will change Chawosaurians' perspective on Communism in favor of Capitalism.

Chaos erupts at Hong Kong airport as riot police take on protesters

Chaos erupts at Hong Kong airport as riot police take on protesters

CNN reporting the Hong Kong International Airport riots

Shang Parker was careful not to respond, but on August 13 to 14, 2019, protests sparked at the Hong Kong International Airport, where police violently struck the protesters.

Events Edit

Death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Edit

On March 3, 2019, Emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu passed away on March 3, 2019, at the age of 69. He was replaced by Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a, and he was more underwhelming than DKA in terms of incumbency advantage.

Nobility Act of 2019 Edit

The Chawopolis Palace passed the Nobility Act of 2019.

2019 Chawopolis Jewish Uprisings Edit

In Chawopolis City, during the conventions of both the Popular Democratic People's National Party and the Social Democratic-Green Party Alliance, the Jewish community in Chawopolis attempted to protest systemic antisemitism in the city and across Chawosauria. The Chawopolis Jews attempted to disrupt the two party conventions to gain political attention and demand political representation from the two parties, but the City council of Chawopolis, approved by the mayor, ordered police brutality against the Jews, and the Chawopolis Palace stepped in and ordered the military and fire department intervened against the Jews.

The city erupted in a big city-wide riot between the Jewish demonstrators and city authorities. The riots were broadcasted all across Chawosauria and the Orbian World and caused widespread negative media attention from the Orbian world, but praise and ridicule from Chawosauria against the Jews. Politicians accused the Jews of "disrupting public peace and tried to overthrow the rule of law in favor of morality", and the city riots continued on.

One Jewish demonstrator got in the 2019 Popular Democratic People's National Party National Convention to attempt to demand the Jews to have political representation from the party, but the party supporters and convention guests grabbed the protester and violently beaten him simply because he was Jewish and not for his political message to the party, this beating was footage live for the whole Chawosaurian and Orbian worlds to see, the party supporters chanted during the beatings "Beat That Kike!" and military police joined in to beat the Jewish protester.

Jewish March on Chawopolis Edit

2019 Jewish March

A view of the 2019 Jewish March at the Bismarck National Memorial on August 28,2019.

The 2019 Jewish March was held to protest systemic antisemitism in Chawosauria and to demand equal representation for Chawosaurian Jews all across the Chawosaurian World. The march received heavy antisemitic news coverage and extremely antisemitic reviews from both the public and critics.

The election became a campaign against Jews. Shang Parker used the classic term, Jew York, and linked Jewish Americans who lived in the U.S. State of New York to Wall Street, the Great Recession, and the US-China trade war.

Theme Songs Edit

Song and what the song represents Song Title Artist
Theme Songs of the Communist Party
Not Afraid

Not Afraid

Not Afraid

"Not Afraid" Eminem
Work For The Working Man

Work For The Working Man

Work for the Working Man

"Work for the Working Man" Bon Jovi



"Revolution" The Score
Theme Songs of the Democratic Party Song Title Artist
I'll Remember You

I'll Remember You

I'll Remember You

"I'll Remember You" Nathan Sykes
Theme Songs of the Social Democratic Party Song Title Artist
I Gotta Feeling

I Gotta Feeling

I Gotta Feeling

"I Gotta Feeling" Black Eyed Peas
Theme Songs of the Green Party Song Title Artist
Let It Grow (Celebrate The World)

Let It Grow (Celebrate The World)

Let It Grow

"Let it Grow (Celebrate the World" Ester Dean

This is the first election where campaigns have theme songs of their choice.

Battleground States Edit

Battleground States for the 2019 Federal Election in Chawosauria

States in Purple are states the Communists and Capitalists must win to win the election.

The United States, the former Soviet Union, and Southern Africa are the states that both the Communists and Capitalists must win a supermajority or majority of them to win the monarchy. The Communists need to at least win the United States and the former Soviet Union to capture the monarchy, and the Capitalists need to keep both the United States and the former Soviet Union in the Millennial Firewall to keep the monarchy in Capitalist hands. The Communists must make the electoral map look like the map of the April 2017 federal election map, while the Capitalists need to make the electoral map look at least like the December 2017 special election map.


Candidate Political Party Home State National Legislative Seats National Popular Vote Delegates
Seats Won 2019 Strength Count %
2017 2019 % +|-
Shang J. Parker Communist China 183
Ekewaka Kalawai'a (Incumbent) Capitalist


USA 817
Total Votes 1,000 100% 100% 200
Needed To Win 501 A majority 51%
Candidate Popular Vote Percentage
Shang Jong Parker 281,531,816,683 63.7%
Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a 81,693,891,895 18.5%
Timothy Max Roosevelt II 70,681,816,535 16.0%
Write-Ins 6,260,712,900 1.4%
Charles Muskie 1,681,816,535 0.4%
Total Votes 441,850,054,548 100%
Result Shang Jong Parker and Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a became two major competitors


Voter Demographics Edit


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