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2019 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Primaries in the United States Green Party
58 seats total
March 23, 2019 (Primaries) | July 4, 2019 (Convention)
Leader Jonathan Davgon Bismarck XIII Jake Wilson
Leader since March 23, 2019 June 4, 2018
Leader's seat Minnesota Massachusetts
2019 Comrade Green Party Primaries in Chawosauria
Results of the 2019 Green primaries
On March 23, 2019, the Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Primaries of the Green Party of the United States of 2019 was held in the United States, to nominate Jonathan Davgon Bismarck XIII as the nominee of the party. Winning 46-12 delegates, and a landslide victory in the popular vote.