The 2018 National Convention of the Chawallian Communist Party, which turned to the Chawosaurian Communist Party held on March 23 to 31 of 2018 located in Beijing, China, to select the nominee for the 2019 Federal Election being held on December 31, 2019.

Events at the Convention Edit

The beginning of the convention will show a Military Parade of Communist troops in honor to Communist victories in the Russian Civil War, World War II, Chinese Civil War, and the Vietnam War.

The Communist Party will get together in the big stadium owned by the Empire of Chawosauria, the Soviet Stadium, as Communist politicians arrive at the convention, so would the Communist delegates, who would affirm their votes.

The Communist Party between March 26 to 31, the delegates will vote on the candidates. It is likely that Timothy Max Roosevelt II will be the candidate.

Military Parade Edit

A Military Parade was held at the beginning of the convention. Chawosauria, a military state, requires a military parade to begin a party national convention.

Gathering of the Convention Edit

Communist Politicians assigned as delegates will gather up at the convention and prepare to vote, other politicians are here to campaign for each candidate.

Delegate Vote Edit

The Delegates will vote in the convention after several campaign speeches about each candidate.

Communist Party Transition and Division Edit

The Chawallian Communist Party broke up into two opposing groups, the Chawosaurian Communist Party and the Chawallian People's Workers' Party.

Nomination of Timothy Max Roosevelt II Edit

Former Prime Minister, Shang J. Parker, and Incumbent Prime Minister, Garfield Baldwin, both declared Timothy Max Roosevelt II the nominee.

Weaponry Defense Edit

Military Weapons

Military Arsenals protecting the Convention.

Chawosauria is a secret police and military police state. Demonstrations at a political party national convention is illegal and if there are any protests at a proceeding party convention, the party's own armed protectors will attack under the party's national committee's orders.

Chawosaurians in Beijing are being threatened and intimidated by the party's armed troopers, warning them not to protest at the convention, or real military action will be taken, that includes Nuclear strikes.