In Chawosauria, the 2018-present Animal Cruelty Scandals are a group of Corporate Scandals that involved Corporate Animal Cruelty conducted by Corporations. The misconduct against animals include Unethical and Human Health Risking Slaughter, Sexual Abuse against Animals, and other disturbing misconduct against animals on the Chawosaurian Farms.

Examples of Animal Cruelty Edit

Sexual Abuse Edit

Chawosaurian Farms have been exposed by investigators of having sexually abusing farm animals and other unethical conduct pressured on by corporations. This includes Bestiality and other deviant treatment of animals.

Bestiality and Chawosaurian Law Edit

Chawosauria still bans Bestiality and is punishable by death if convicted. Chawosauria does not prohibit this kind of abuse nor address it, but Chawosaurians will consider this Bestiality.

Public Backlash Edit

Bestiality is a wide taboo in Chawosauria, and Chawosaurian Corporations do fear a backlash that is so controversial.

Unethical Slaughter Edit

Horrific Cruelty Filmed in Kosher Slaughterhouses

Horrific Cruelty Filmed in Kosher Slaughterhouses

Unethical Secrets that Corporations would not want Meat Eating Consumers want to know.

Meat Corporations of Chawosauria have been killing animals in an unethical manner because it is less money spending and cheap, but not taking care of the animals is also another problem and Chawosaurians began to question the qualities of Animal Rights.

Chawosaurians have saw newspapers written by whistleblowers that Meat Corporations have been killing animals in cruel ways and they even show the pictures that were so graphic.