There have been sex scandals of the politicians of the 2018-2019 government session.

List of sex scandals Edit

  1. November 24, 2018 - an intern of Comrade Senator, Samantha A. Montgomery, had an intercourse allegedly with her own son. Senator Montgomery immediately fired the intern.
  2. November 25, 2018 - Comrade Senator Timothy McAaron had been an advocate for "traditional family values" and it turned out his son was a homosexual, tarnishing his reputation as a social conservative.
  3. November 25, 2018 - another intern of Samantha A. Montgomery had an intercourse with a friend's teenage son, leading to pedophilia legal charges.
  4. November 25, 2018 - Chawosaurian MP (member of parliament) Cosmo Wallace, had an extramarital affair, and announced his resignation.
  5. November 26, 2018 - lame-duck Chawosaurian European Parliament member, Wolfgang M. Boleslaw, had an extramarital affair with the previous owner of his home in Salem, Massachusetts.
  6. November 26, 2018 - Comrade Senator, Jonathan Sarban Boleslaus VII, had an extramarital affair with one of his interns in his Senate office.
  7. November 28, 2018 - Chawosaurian Senator James Denver was arrested for raping his wife, Denver's excuse was alcoholism. Denver will likely be sentenced to five years in state prison. James Denver's wife and friends said he never drink alcohol.
  8. November 30, 2018 - Chawosaurian Senator Leonard Micky "Leon" McKinley resigned after discovering that his two sons "shared" a woman.
  9. December 15, 2018 - Chawosaurian Senator Jonathan Sidney MacCarthy III engaged in prostitution with a series of women in many brothels. Practically having extramarital affairs with prostitutes.
  10. December 25, 2018 - James Alois Declan, a Conservative member of the Chawosaurian Democratic Party, was busted having a homosexual affair despite his anti-LGBT stances. The Chawosaurian Intelligence Community surveillance Declan's phone call with his partner, Mickey McFarlane, in a sexual worded language (phone sex). On December 30, 2018, the day the phone sex call was revealed to the press, Declan resigned from office in embarrassment. This scandal is now known as the Rainbow Christmas Scandal. The Christian community who donated to his campaign stopped funding his campaign due to intense embarrassment.
  11. January 3, 2019-February 3, 2019 - a series of Incestuous scandals between secretaries and others.
  12. February 3, 2019 - a secretary for House of Commons member Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy having an extramarital affair.
  13. February 3, 2019 - Chawosaurian Democratic Party conservatives engaging in Satanic ritualistic sexual activities.
  14. February 3, 2019 - Former secretary to former Chawosaurian Prime Minister Leonid Ivan Bzovsky had an affair with one of former Prime Minister Garfield Lucas Webster's descendants.
  15. February 3, 2019 - Satanic ritualistic brothels between Capitalist politicians and prostitutes were discovered.

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