The Chawosaurian National Government Shutdown of 1965 was a major shutdown of the Chawosaurian National Government over a disagreement over a racist piece of legislation, the MacCarthy-Kingsley Act of 1965, between Emperor Santiago, and the Chawopolis Palace. The shutdown lasted from April 1, 1965, and ended on June 23, 1965.

In March 1965, the Chawopolis Palace overwhelmingly passed the MacCarthy-Kingsley Act of 1965, a racist law that takes away citizenship from natural-born Black Chawosaurians and blocks Black people from becoming citizens of Chawosauria, regardless if they're born in Chawosauria or not. As of January 2019, the MacCarthy-Kingsley Act of 1965 is still effective. Emperor Santiago refused to sign the bill and threatened to veto it, under Chawosaurian law, if the Monarch vetoes a bill, the veto cannot be overridden. The sponsors of the bill, Jonathan Sidney MacCarthy and James W. Kingsley, pressured Emperor Santiago to sign the bill, along with their White Supremacist allies. Santiago declared a government shutdown due to an intense debate over Santiago should sign it or veto it. The shutdown began on April 1, 1965, and for two months, Santiago, and MacCarthy roared at each other over this racist policy. On June 21, 1965, James W. Kingsley raised $1.7 Billion in bribes to bribe Santiago into signing this bill. On June 23, 1965, James W. Kingsley entered the Emperor's office with a $1.7 Billion check and used the check to manipulate the Emperor to sign the bill if he wanted this $1.7 Billion check, Emperor Santiago has a mental weakness when it comes to money, so Emperor Santiago signed the racist bill into law in exchange for the $1.7 Billion check. The shutdown ended on June 23, 1965.